Off their Brighton Rockers

Richard Bartholomew notes on his blog that a Conference will be held in Brighton next month to discuss:

 “Europe between America and China and the struggle in Europe between the streams of Freemasonry, Jesuitism and the Rose Cross… The impulse of 666 and 1998; the Etheric Christ Event”

The keynote speakers are our own LibDem MP Norman Baker and US Green Party leader, Cynthia McKinney.

Baker peddles his book, The Strange Death of David Kelly, around various Indymedia-style conferences and had it serialised in The Daily Mail.

Andy Newman delivered the bad news about the sanity of the Green Party’s McKinney on the Socialist Unity blog back in October 2008. Surprisingly, that didn’t stop his co-blogger Derek Wall endorsing her a month later. Of course, the signs were always there. A year before, former congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney had been in London as a guest of the 9/11 Truth Campaign in Britain and Ireland.

And now she’ll be back, in Brighton, with Norman Baker MP, sharing a stage with other loons who babble on about “the Etheric Christ Event” (can you be bothered to google that? I can’t!) and – predictably – “the New World Order”. (Note: Jews and Jesuits should avoid looking too ‘knowing’ if they’re stuck in Brighton in the second week of November).

Though, it may we worth going for the presentation by Dr Mae-Wan Ho, author of a book entitled intriguingly “The Physics of Orgasms“. Oh. No. That’s not right. Damn.