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Fascists, Socialists, Islamists, Liberals: Holding Hands

The Palestine Telegraph reports:

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) will host a conference on the 16th of December 2009 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency UNRWA.

This is a list of “a list of those already confirmed”:

•Claire Short- British MP
•Baroness Jenny Tonge- Former British MP
•Professor Norman Finkelstein- American Political Scientist and Author
•Ambassador Khalil Makkawi – head of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee
•Dr Daud Abdullah- Expert on Palestinian issue and Deputy Secretary General of the MCB
•Dr Bashir Nafi- Lecturer
•Rachel Rudolf – Professor in Political Science
•Sami Mashasha – UNRWA Spokesperson
•Ali Huwaidi – Director of Palestinian Organization for the Right of Return “Thabit” in Beirut
•Tariq Hamoud – Director of Palestinian Return Community “WAJEB” in Syria
•Wajih Azayiza – Jordanian representative of Palestinian Refugees
•Ali Mustafa – Representative of Palestinian refugees in Host countries
•Nadeem Shehadeh- Representative of Palestinian refugees in Host countries
Kristina Morvai – Lawyer, Human Rights Lecturer and Member of European Parliament
•Anicee Van Engeland – Professor of Human Rights Law

If that list is correct, then this is an important development.

Alongside Istanbul Declaration (pdf) signatory Daud Abdullah, Liberal Democrat peer Jenny Tonge, former Labour MP Claire Short, former Professor Norman Finkelstein, and the “UNRWA Spokesperson” – is Kristina Morvai.


Kristina Morvai is a prominent European fascist from the neo Nazi Jobbik party. You can read about her antics here and here.


As we previously reported:

Magyar Garda and Jobbik are notable for their vicious anti-Roma position (Hungarian police recently banned an anti-Roma rally they had planned) and their somewhat more modulated antisemitism. BNP leader Nick Griffin addressed one of their rallies in Budapest.

So, the convergence between the extremes is now almost complete.

habibi adds: Here’s Griffin at the Jobbik rally last year:

We have covered the Palestinian Return Centre before. It is a front for Hamas and employs Daud Abdullah.