The Guardian Will Shortly Receive A Libel Threat From Carter Ruck

Read this article by the academic, Delwar Hussain on Comment is Free while you can:

A Channel Four documentary from 1995 made allegations of involvement by British Bangladeshis in the genocide. Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, director of Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the NHS, who was until recently vice-chairman of the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre and was involved in setting up the Muslim Council of Britain, is one of the most prominent people to be accused of having carried out war crimes.

Mueen-Uddin is alleged to have been part of a group that abducted and “disappeared” people. Witnesses at the time describe seeing him kidnapping a university professor and a journalist in Dhaka during the war. Mueen-Uddin told the documentary makers “all the accusations being made against me are … utterly false and malicious, and either politically motivated or instigated otherwise”.

Having left the newly created country of Bangladesh for London, Mueen-Uddin, along with other members of JI set up Islamic Forum Europe, an avowedly Islamist organisation connected to the East London Mosque.

Mueen-Uddin usually responds to these reports by instructing Carter Ruck to fire off a letter before action. Perhaps he won’t this time, and is now content to be described as a war criminal and the murderer of Bangladeshi patriots. If not, I hope that the Guardian stands its ground when the letter before action comes flying.

Incidentally, this is another reason why the Government can have no dealings with the Muslim Council of Britain, in which this man is still a leading activist.

Likewise, this is why the likes of Boris and Lord Phillips are fools to accept invitations to visit the East London Mosque and the London Muslim Centre.


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