Muslim Association of Britain: Polygamy is a Responsibility

The Muslim Association of Britain is the British franchise of Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood. It is a nasty organisation, which publishes “blood libel” stories about Jews murdering Algerian children for their organs. One of its prominent members – Ahmed Al Rawi – supports jihadist attacks on British troops. Another, Said Ferjani, defended the publication of the blood libel.  He has been convicted of several terrorism offences in Tunisia and believes “Zionists” manipulate the media.

For these reasons, among others, the Tories’ Chris Grayling has recently indicated that such an organisation cannot “expect to work closely with government or to receive funding from government”. As the MAB currently sits on the quango, the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board, we can expect that association to be short lived, if the Tories win at the next election.

Perhaps because the MAB knows that its days of access and influence are drawing to a close, they have thrown caution to the winds, and started posting ever more controversial and problematic articles. Or perhaps they’re just stupid, and don’t realise that there are some things that it would be best not to say.

But the Muslim Association of Britain has just published an article supporting… polygamy!

It is commonly believed that men have more rights than women because they can have 4 wives. However in Islamic culture having multiple wives is more responsibility than a right. As I mentioned before, the successful development of society is protected by Islam; consequently everyone has a specific function there. Men have to protect their families and it is the duty of the husband to provide his wife and children with food, clothes, a home and medical treatment according to his financial position and income.[9] If a man wants to marry he must have the financial support to do it and if he wants to have more than one wife he has to be able to support all his wives in an equal way to prevent injustices.

There you have it. No qualification. No suggestion that this is a theoretical position or an exposition of historical theological perspectives on marriage. A straightforward piece of advocacy for polygamy.

These are the guys who are training the next generation of British Imams. God help us!