An email from an Iranian friend

This email was sent to a reader by an Iranian friend, who has asked him to pass it on.

Hi all, sorry but i have to get his off my chest. 100s killed in iran, the wounded were picked up by ambulances that NEVER went to hospitals. Needless to say the dead are better off. Wounds will be exploited and allowed to fester in cockroach filled cells. Those detained will live though hell for months before they are killed. Their families will be taunted: recieving parcels with the bloodied clothes of their loved ones or phonecalls with the tortured voice of their loved one -some times giving up names of family and friends under torture. This horror ALWAYS this sort of  horror  silences the will for change. There  are no answers for now. But spread the word,The text, try to  wear green. Thanks thats a lot of my chest. X

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