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Libel! Daud Abdullah v Hazel Blears

Daud Abdullah is suing Hazel Blears in relation to her response – printed in the Guardian – to the Istanbul Declaration. He is suing her, not in person, but as Secretary of State.

Abdullah signed the Declaration, a few weeks after Gordon Brown offered to commit the Royal Navy to peacekeeping duties off the shores of Gaza. In doing so, he put his name to the following statement of religious obligation:

8. The obligation of the Islamic Nation to regard the sending of foreign warships into Muslim waters, claiming to control the borders and prevent the smuggling of arms to Gaza, as a declaration of war, a new occupation, sinful aggression, and a clear violation of the sovereignty of the Nation. This must be rejected and fought by all means and ways.

This was, therefore, a clear statement that if Britain did go ahead with its plans to keep the peace in Gaza, Daud Abdullah was calling on the “Islamic Nation” to treat our country’s actions as “a declaration of war”. “All means and ways”, in context, clearly involves the endorsement and encouragement of terrorism against our Navy.

Daud Abdullah has not and will not withdraw his name from the traitorous Istanbul Declaration.

His defence – such at it is – is that as Britain has not yet sent the Royal Navy to the area, the suggestion that he was supporting terrorism is based on “totally hypothetical scenarios”.

No it isn’t. The reason that this provision was included in the Istanbul Declaration is precisely because “foreign navies” – including our own – were being offered to perform this peacekeeping role.

This is a desperate measure by Daud Abdullah. It shows quite how undone he now is. His open and shameless jihadism and treachery towards the country which has provided him with a home is laid utterly bare. He has no defence to his actions at all, and no case against the Home Secretary.

This trial will be an absolute disaster for Daud Abdullah and for the Muslim Council of Britain. Can you imagine how it will proceed? All of Daud Abdullah’s politics – his associations, the conferences he has spoken at, his extreme and vicious views – will be paraded before the jury. At the end of the trial – if Daud Abdullah is stupid enough to let it get that far – the true nature of the British Islamist scene will be laid open, for everybody to see.

Daud Abdullah and the Muslim Council of Britain are about to be utterly destroyed. After this business is over, only the nutters of Socialist Action and the Socialist Workers’ Party will have anything to do with them.

And guess who is representing Daud Abdullah. Not the ritzy Carter Ruck for him. No, he’s hired a one man band firm, Dr Farooq Bajwa.

Who is Bajwa? Well, he used to work for Dean and Dean. You remember them. They’re the law firm that was closed down last year, when it emerged that its senior partner was a convicted fraudster, who had obtained his “law degree” from a made-up university. He is also trustee, along with Daud Abdullah, of the so-called ‘Centre for the Study of Terrorism’. That group is the personal “think tank” of Dr Kemal Helbawy, the man who appeared on the BBC Arabic Service, explaining his view that two year old children in Israel were “future soldiers”.

Daud Abdullah and the Muslim Council of Britain are about to be paraded naked before the ordinary citizens of this country. I have no sympathy. They have brought this entirely on themselves.


The Spectator has a response from the Secretary of State:

“We have received correspondence from Dr Daud Abdullah’s solicitors.

“We have been in dialogue with the MCB since the 6 March seeking clarification of the actions taken by Dr Abdullah in relation to the serious issues raised by the articles in the Istanbul Declaration.  We are concerned with those articles which appear to call for violence and Dr Abdullah’s repeated unwillingness to distance himself from those articles specifically.

“The legal route that Dr Abdullah has chosen to take despite our offer of further private dialogue with the MCB to resolve the matter means this will now be taken forward by solicitors.”

Well, this is working out well for the MCB. They might as well just shut down now.