Local parents reject BNP governor

This post appears with the permission of Epping Forest BNP Watch

Parents of children at Hereward Primary School have condemned the nomination of local BNP leader Pat Richardson as a school governor.

Richardson put herself forward for the role after no candidates came forward from the local community.

Speaking to the Epping Forest Guardian, Hannah Martin, who lives on the Oakwood estate and whose three year old goes to Hereward, said she was disgusted at the prospect of Richardson becoming governor. She said: “My son is mixed race and I know there are lots of black children at the school. Teachers and staff here have always been brilliant in making everyone feel welcome, and I think there is a danger that this would ruin all that.”

Sam Kelly, a mother of two whose 10 year old son is at the school, said: “My son has been here for seven years and I have never known any problems over race. I think the school needs to think what kind of message this would send out.”

Local father Lee Thurland said: “I don’t know much about the BNP but what I have heard I don’t like.”

The school, which has been praised by OfSTED for its multi-cultural environment, will have to decide whether to accept the nomination of the councillor from the far-right party, which advocates the “repatriation” of non-white people.

Richardson said: “I would hope to bring some common sense to the decision-making process down there.”

“Common sense” is what the BNP commonly refers to its policy of alienating and expelling non-white and mixed race people. Advancing such racist policies in a primary school is very ominous indeed.

If you think you would make a better school governor than the local leader of an extremist political party, you can submit your nomination via the town council:

Town Clerk : Enid Walsh
Loughton Town Council
Buckingham Court
Rectory Lane
Essex, UK.
IG10 2QZ
Tel : +44 (0)20 8508 4200
Fax: +44 (0)20 8508 4400
E-mail: contact@loughton-tc.gov.uk

David T adds:

Read the comments on the piece, to see the triumphalism of the BNP supporters, and the fears of a woman with a ‘mixed race’ child at a school in question, and weep.