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Hatred In Walthamstow

This is a guest post by habibi

Neil Gerrard, Labour MP for Walthamstow, had this to say on Holocaust Memorial Day:

Racism and hate are still very much present in our society and together we have a duty to unite our communities and “Stand Up to Hatred”.

Indeed. So why is Mr Gerrard sharing a platform with Daud Abdullah on 30 March at a public meeting on Gaza in Walthamstow?

Well, I don’t think Gerrard plans to challenge Abdullah for his participation in the Istanbul jihadi jamboree, or for his sickening abuse of the memory of the Holocaust, both discussed here a few days back, or any other aspect of Abdullah’s politics of hate. According to the Waltham Forest Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, which is organising the meeting, Gerrard is the group’s “first patron”.

Oh, by the way, among his other extremist activities, Mr Abdullah accompanied George Galloway into Gaza on the latter’s “stand up for Hamas” escapade.

If you’d like to ask Mr Gerrard why he thinks appearing with the fanatical Jew hater and supporter of terrorists Mr Abdullah is a good idea, his e-mail is