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Convoy – My Fascist Hell by Greg Cullen

Greg’s back!

And in an exclusive interview with top Jew-friendly website Harry’s Place he’s spilling the beans on what travelling thousands and thousands of miles in a spluttering convoy taken over by a herd of hardcore lumpen-Islamists is actually like.

Clue: It’s not nice.

Here’s Greg on everyone else’s reaction to the Islamists’ naked ideological power-grab en route to Gaxa:

 “…we are not alone in becoming increasingly frustrated by the hijacking of the convoy by those who seem to have that agenda. 

Forcing an agenda on others eh? Next you’ll be saying Islamists use violence to impose their will on people who don’t agree with them. Is that what you’re getting at? That you have evidence that your fellow convoy-goers use violence as a matter of course?

The final van, in a kamikaze manoeuvre, scraped our wing mirror down the side of his van. John got out to ask what the hell he thought he was doing, in response the driver threatened to physically attack John him in front for our bewildered hosts. Meanwhile, behind us another vehicle cut in front for the fire truck and took their wing mirror with them, this also caused a near punch up. It was embarrassing to say the least. The guy apologised later, but it goes to show how some people behave. Tiredness and hunger are not an excuse. Sometimes its more like the Gumball rally to Gaza. Anyone one of us accepts that we might take a bullet from a trigger happy Israeli soldier, but to be killed on the road but some nutter from our supposedly humanitarian convoy, is not on my list of meaningful ways to throw off this mortal coil.

Didn’t you think about going home at that stage, you know, using your time more productively in Cardiff than acting as a convenient whipping-boy for a bunch of anti-gay, anti-women thugs who you tried to help out.

After the humiliating threats of violence in front of people who have come to welcome us, John and I seriously thought about jacking it in. We are not alone is becoming increasingly alienated from the way the convoy is being presented as we enter towns , or attend official functions. We are not a Muslim convoy and certainly not about making a literal holy war.

Their adoption of undemocratic, non-consensual leadership, their acceptance of Sharia Law’s more extreme “deterrents”, such as stoning adulterous women to death makes them fascist in my eyes, and I am not prepared to be a part of a fascist convoy to anywhere but hell.

Fascists eh? That’s fighting talk Greg, and the sort of thing that Harry’s Place gets criticised for by all and sundry who should in fact know better. For someone in your position to be agreeing with us politically might be construed as a litle bit suspicious mightn’t it? What are you Greg, some kind of bloody Zionist?

We are beginning to attract the bemused wonderment of other convoy members for our apparent ability to find hotles when others sleep rough, spare parts, low loaders, shopping trips, press interviews and hot food. Much more of this and they’ll start accusing us of being Mossad agents supplied by Israeli air drops.

*Panic beginning to show* Greg, will you shut the f**k up you madman? You’re going to blow your cover with that sort of loose talk. This whole mission to expose the truth behind the propoganda about the convoy will be in extreme jeopardy if you don’t keep your big gob firmly shut…

*Regaining composure* Now, get back in your box and make sure the wool is pulled over the eyes of your fellow convoy-goers again. No-one is to know who you really are. Do you understand? Now, make busy with the accusations against this website like we agreed before.

News reached me today that a pro Isralei website has used some of my criticisms of the convoy on their website. Let me make it absolutely clear that I will pursue them with every force I can muster including the Writers Guild and their lawyers to prosecute them under the copyright laws unless it is removed at once. I will continue to give my version of events, critical or otherwise, but let no Zionist imagine that anything I criticise the convoy for comes close to the disgust and revulsion I feel for their murders of innocents.

That’s better, much better…

*Offstage* Contact your handler again at 2300 hours as agreed…by the way I loved that bit about the Writer’s Guild. These dumb Islamists will believe anything…