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Wish You Were Here

What on earth is going on in the Viva Palestina convoy?

The official website says everyone’s having a simply marvellous extended stay in Libya:

The Gaza Aid Convoy will be in Libya for the next five days, the longest period the convoy has spent in other countries. This is due to a lot of speeches that are to be made and the massive organized popular support that the convoy has so far enjoyed while in Libya.

“With this popular support we need to slow down and being part of it, that is why we took too long from the Libyan border to Zawia, because every time we have to slow our convoy down and acknowledge people’s support,” explained the coordinator of the convoy Mr. Rabah Abu Ramuzi, who is also a lawyer at Manchester England.

There’s more:

Members of the convoy were all smiles as they disembarked at the famous Joudaiam Boy Scout Camp and Resort on the Mediterranean coast, 33 kms west of Tripoli, where a grand reception was organized for them by a special committee.

A ‘special committee’. How lovely.

But what’s this posted at the other Viva Palestina  website?

After enjoyiong the hospitality of Ras Lanouf, it was felt that the call of Gaza was getting louder and louder and that the aid has to get there as soon as possible.
Consultations took place between our convoy leaders and their Libyan counterparts and it was decided that the route will be amended to take the convoy through the desert road to the crossing point of Amsa’ad.
This means that they will not go through Benghazi and Bayda where rallies and accomodation had been prepared for them to the disappointment of thousands of Libyans.

But what can be more tempting to the convoy-goers than the heartfelt and unselfishly given love of the Libyan people?

What awaits them is No Man’s Land for another 400km (240 miles). They will be stopping when needed for rest, prayers and food.
Even on the map there are no landmarks and the phone signals can be poor.

Yikes! Rather them than me.

Any news of Greg last heard of abandoned in hostile Tunisia searching for a new wheel for his truck?

I am told that one of north west vans was involved in a minor accident and that ALL ARE SAFE and well. Unfortunately the van could not continue on its epic jouney. The families need not worry as the convoy is united and doing well in its noble mission.

Hmm. The mutually contradictory Viva Palestina websites do raise more questions than providing answers don’t they?

Update: Yvonne Ridley knows who’s to blame for any problems the convoy has faced:

I promised to write a daily log of my time on the “Viva Palestina” convoy but my attempts to keep you updated with events have been thwarted ever since we reached North Africa. There is a very clear agenda by some to keep Gaza out of the news and I am dismayed by the Zionist influence brought to bear in the Maghreb.