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Guest post by a Harry’s Place Reader

What does the Large Hadron Collider really do? Will we live to see the Bionic Man? Can a greater understanding of the seas help stop global warming? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed when seven leading Israeli scientists talk to over 1000 sixth form students (from all backgrounds) in London and Manchester next month. A series of lectures and presentations will be accompanied by an exhibition of innovative Israeli products that are changing our world.

Israel’s contribution to science and technology has been significant, particularly in areas such as genetics, medicine, agriculture, computer science, electronics, optics, solar energy and other high tech industries.

Examples include the memory stick, cameras in mobile phones, the electric car, the ‘camera-in-a-pill ‘, solar panels, drip irrigation and a radiation-free method of detecting breast cancer.

The ZF-organised event is completely non-political and will hopefully help to reverse the trend of falling numbers opting for science degrees and science careers.

The General Teaching Council of England is the professional body for teaching in England :

” We work to improve standards of teaching and the quality of learning in the public interest. We work for children, through teachers. “

The GTC has stautory and regulatory powers. It was set up by the 1998 Teaching and Higher Education Act. It is answerable to registered teachers and ultimately to the public through Parliament. The GTC acts as the regulatory body for teaching through the operation of disciplinary

You would have thought that those in the GTC would not oppose the offer of scientific lectures to sixth formers.

You would also have thought those people would not be encouraging the Science Museum to be complicit in a boycott of Israeli academics that may well be illegal.

How odd then that Saleha Sayeed and Saadia Siddiqui – both of the General Teaching Council of England – are among those calling on the Science Museums to revoke their hire of space for the Israel Science Days!