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BNP racist wins while Berlin challenges deniers

Two stories from The Times today. It reports on the shock win by the  British National Party of a district council seat in Kent.

It is a move into suburbia for the BNP whose seat was won by Paul Golding, who was once expelled from the party for allegedly attacking its only ethnic minority councillor. The seat had been held by Labour.

While in Berlin a Blueprint of the concentration camp at Auschwitz, found recently in a rubbish skip, has been put on display in a Berlin shopping centre as a public challenge to Holocaust deniers. The plans show the gas chambers, huge storage halls for corpses, and a crematorium. The plans are on show in a busy foyer between sandwich shops and a sushi bar.

“It’s shocking, deeply shocking,” Tobias Prennzler, 27, a design student, told the paper, as he leant forward to decipher the signature of Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Nazi security machine. “This was 1941 and they were already drawing up plans for some kind of a death factory. And it looks like they wanted to make it permanent.”