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A Serious Error of Judgement

The Guardian reports:

A government adviser on extremism was criticised last night after sending an email claiming “Jews” were behind a number of websites that undermined Islam.

Using his government email address, Maqsood Ahmed, who works at the department for Communities and Local Government, forwarded an email which stated that a number of websites it listed had been “developed by Jews who intentionally are spreading wrong information about the Qur’an, the hadith [sayings of Muhammad] and Islam itself”.

Ahmed was criticised last night by Muslim and Jewish groups for forwarding the email. “What is absolutely bewildering is that someone like Maqsood Ahmed should forward the email without any comment and from his official address,” said Anas Altikriti of the British Muslim Initiative. “At the very least sending this email reveals a serious lack of judgment.”

Last night Ahmed admitted he had made an error of judgment.

Last year, Tower Hamlets’ council made a serious error of judgement when it gave PREVENT anti-extremism  money to Anas Altikriti and his Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Cordoba Institute, which promptly used the money to stage a debate between Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb ut Tahrir, and Al Muhajiroun. They withdrew funding, but the event went ahead.

Today, the Guardian made a serious error of judgement, when it called the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood extremist, Anas Altikriti to comment on this story.


What is odd about this story is that I’m hearing that Maqsood Ahmed has a reputation as a sensible fellow. Something is odd about this story.