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Extremist Resigns From Anti-Extremism Group

Abdurahman Jafar has got himself into trouble, again, after using a Redbridge Council funded Preventing Violence Extremism event to advertise a made-up public debate on the Iraq war, between local MP Mike Gapes, and George Galloway.

The stunt backfired and Jafar has now resigned from the Redbridge Countering Extremism and Islamophobia group:

A candidate in today’s Valentines by-election has resigned from an anti-extremist group after being accused of a “devious stunt” by Labour Ilford South MP Mike Gapes.

Respect party’s Abdurahman Jafar stepped down after advertising an Iraq war debate between Respect MP George Galloway and Mr Gapes for the government-funded Redbridge Countering Extremism and Islamophobia group – despite neither agreeing to take part.

Gapes complained in the House of Commons of flyers advertising the event as “a devious stunt” to promote the Respect party, and believed he would have been “denounced” for not attending.

But Mr Jafar said: “It was a mistake, an oversight. I was trying to save time and money by promoting a prospective event in advance.

“It is absurd to suggest I was using money and the group to promote party politics. I am not a professional organiser and I accept the criticism.

“It would have been better to get a definite answer but I did contact his office.

“I decided to step down in the interests of the organisation.”

Yeah right.

Abdurahman Jafar is a racist and political extremist, who is one of the big-hitters in RESPECT. He is jointly responsible, with the jihad-supporter and Jamaat-e-Islami activist Azad Ali, for the “public relations” of the Muslim Safety Forum. His published views include the  following:

Sikh’s, despite the noble teachings of their religion, have adopted a custom to never cut their hair until the last Musim on earth is dead (is that right?). These will be very very difficult attitudes to change.

But it isn’t just Sikhs who Jafar peddles racist lies about. In the Muslim Weekly, he rails against Tony Blair and the Labour Party’s “deceit” about:

“how Israel has been formulating and directing UK and US foreign policy”

It is no surprise, sadly, that racists and extremists have managed to get themselves appointed to a Government funded PVE groups. In Tower Hamlets, PVE funding was to have gone to Anas Altikriti’s Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Cordoba Foundation. Altikriti’s contribution to opposing violent extremism was to stage a debate between Hizb ut Tahrir, Al Muhajiroun and the Muslim Brotherhood on the subject of “political participation”.

You’ll be glad to hear that Abdurahman Jafar came last in the Valentines election.