Tangerine Tam Sells Oot!

According to this report accused perjuror and erstwhile people’s champion Tommy Sheridan is planning on following George Galloway’s slimy trail from a position as a semi-serious leftwing politician to a national laughing stock.

Remember Galloway attempting – not entirely convincingly it must be admitted – to argue that his appearance on the televison show Big Brother would mean his ‘message’ to the oppressed of the world would get a wider audience?

The People’s Tommy isn’t even making a half-arsed attempt to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes regarding his reasons for deciding to appear on the show:

“They made a very generous offer but there were no guarantees of communicating my political ideas.”

Translation: I’m only in it for the money.

How are Sheridan’s dwindling band of supporters going to spin this particular kick in the teeth? Answers in the usual place…


Update: A waspish commenter quips:

It seems very sensible of Mr Sheridan that he should take steps to get used to living in a confined space while living with unpleasant people he doesn’t know.