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The ‘new’ BNP is still the Nazi BNP

Another fine guest post from Edmund Standing of I Kid You Not

The BNP’s merchandising wing – Excalibur – has hit tough times recently since Searchlight exposed its whereabouts and it got kicked out.

But, fear not, for the BNP still has its nascent digital downloads service. There are currently only four songs available, but, rest assured:

This may not be MTV, in fact it is of better cultural quality that the disposable factory-produced music that glorifies violence, drug use and sexual depravity, but this is our first steps towards developing our own music broadcast channel.

What is on offer at present are three tracks by the ever-unpopular BNP minstrel Dave Hannam, and a song called ‘We are one’, of which we read: ‘Battlecry, an American based rock band have produced this powerful track with patriotic lyrics’.

Taking a look at Battlecry’s website we discover that this track was indeed specially produced for the BNP. We also find that the band likes neo-Nazi symbolism:

Their albums also have some rather dubious content, it seems.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics to their self-titled track:

For I am revenge
The furrowed seed
grown to avenge
In Dresden’s fire
First breath was born

Come and seal your fate

They feed on their Prey
The carrion of social decay
The scavengers shall now disgorge
For I am the sword
The tempered blade of Aryan lore
In tower fire I was forged

Then there’s the song ‘Triumph of the Will’. Does the title ring a bell? It should.

And a sample of the song’s lyrics:

Like a phoenix we will climb
From the ashes of mankind
For together we are strong
And now it won’t be long

In victory we raise our hands
From all across our sacred lands
Shouting out the triumph of the will
Our enemies shall fall disgraced
As we march out to save our race
Now they’ll see the
triumph of the will

The band’s website features an embedded YouTube video for the ‘Triumph of the Will’ song, which includes images of Nick Griffin, former Klansman and anti-Semite David Duke, and Don Black, founder of the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum, as well as a logo supporting Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. And which YouTube account might be hosting this video? None other than that of the Thurrock BNP branch!

Finally, there’s the song ‘My Awakening’. Again, the name rings a bell. Of course, it’s the title of David Duke’s ‘political’ autobiography:

According to Duke’s website, ‘My Awakening is the most powerful book in print on the race and Jewish Question’.

It turns out that Battlecry’s song ‘Keepers of the Light’ features a guest appearance by ‘Prussian Blue’, a two girl act that promotes neo-Nazism:

Lamb and Lynx Gaede, adolescent twin girls who make up the band Prussian Blue, have gained recognition in white supremacist circles while preteens by singing about preserving the white race and Nazi heroes. Prussian Blue is the name of the blue residue left over by the use of Zyklon B, the poison the Nazis employed to kill millions of Jews and others in concentration camps during World War II.

Their perfomances are unambiguous:

“Strike force! White survival. Strike force! Yeah,” they sing, punctuating each “Strike force!” with miniature sieg heils. Some of the men in the audience return the salute, and when the girls finish, thunderous applause fills the room.

As is their image:

And they come from a ‘lovely’ family background:

April home-schools the girls, teaching them her own unique perspective on everything from current to historical events. In addition, April’s father surrounds the family with symbols of his beliefs — specifically the Nazi swastika. It appears on his belt buckle, on the side of his pick-up truck and he’s even registered it as his cattle brand with the Bureau of Livestock Identification.

No wonder Battlecry like the girls! And how kind of them to sell the girls’ music via their site.

But then Battlecry are a very philanthropic pair. Not only have they written a song to support the BNP but they also donate $1 from every CD sale to the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum.

Such kindness is not without its rewards, of course, and they have been interviewed by none other than Blood & Honour Magazine.

And Blood & Honour is the name of the neo-Nazi race hate music organisation founded in the ’80s in the UK, and allied with:

…Which in turn brings us back to the BNP’s leader Nick Griffin and his connections to Blood & Honour and Combat 18:

Particularly illuminating was the testimony of the Scottish Blood and Honour boss Steve Cartwright who went on record with his memories of Griffin in Wales in the mid-1990s. “Our meeting with Griffin went well,” recalled Cartwright, “he pushed all the right buttons, emphasising militancy as well as paying due respect to the Nationalists and National Socialists of the past. He also spoke of the need to re-package and modernise our beliefs in the hope of reaching the British public.”


[A]s Griffin hastily prepared for his trial on charges of inciting racial hatred in 1997, he decided that one of the planks of his defence would be that C18 had produced far worse and had never been prosecuted for it. Needing some documents he asked Steve Cartwright, head of Blood and Honour, to contact Will Browning, leader of C18, telling Cartwright to reassure Browning that he and C18 were on “the same side”.Browning later sent Griffin a “bumper pack” of C18 material. Griffin phoned Cartwright asking him to pass on his thanks to Browning. As Cartwright recalled, “Griffin was particularly tickled by the name of the parcel sender – Mr Beast, London”.

The ‘modernised’ Nick Griffin is trying hard to disassociate the BNP from its Nazi roots. Trying, but constantly failing. As we have seen, the BNP currently offers a track for sale on its website that was specially made for the Party by a band that is clearly pro-Nazi and is connected to the international neo-Nazi and skinhead movement (and a BNP branch has uploaded one of its music videos). This speaks volumes about how hard Griffin and his ‘new BNP’ are finding it to cut the chord tying them to the Third Reich. And they are finding this hard for the very good reason that, beneath the modern sheen, the BNP remains, as it always has been, a neo-Nazi organisation.

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