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Derek Pasquill on Damian Green

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Like everyone else I was astonished by the arrest of Damian Green. I too was interrogated for the same number of hours in the same central London police station by the same type of special branch officers. I too may have been amused (admittedly after the event) by their attempt to portray my actions as politically motivated, in my case, incredibly enough, of the hard left variety, rather than as public-interest spirited deeds.

There, however, the similarities end, because while Damian Green was doing his job as an opposition MP in holding the government of the day to account, my actions breached a level of confidence or loyalty that an employer might reasonably expect from their staff.
Yet legislation exists to protect the whistleblower as enshrined in the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) 1998, where, if a certain number of conditions are met, disclosed documents are given protected status.

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