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Proyect vs. the decent Obama backers

Louis Proyect, aka The Unrepentant Marxist, takes on the “decent Left” (including us) for our support of Barack Obama.

I can spot at least two howling falsehoods in the following, but perhaps there are more:

The British “decent left” has also shifted its allegiance from the Republican Party to Obama’s muscular liberalism. His more obnoxious supporters can be found at “Harry’s Place”, a blog infected with hatred for political Islam and the radical left. One of them, a Likudist who signs his posts David T., recently chided Alice Walker in an entry titled Nutters: “We’re Already Disappointed by Obama” for her temerity in stating:

Each time Mr Obama has said “we will kill” Osama bin Laden I have felt a testing of my confidence in his moral leadership. And I support him, and demonstrated that support, to the very limits of my finances and my strength. Could it be that, like millions of children around the globe, who are taught “Thou shalt not kill”, I am reacting with disappointment and shock to someone blatantly declaring their intention to kill a specific person?

One can understand why David T. would be upset by Alice Walker given his complaint on October 30th: “I’m sorry, but I have now completely lost faith in this Government’s ability to counter the Islamism in the United Kingdom.”

Mr. Proyect has already corrected a falsehood about the “decent” blogger Marc Cooper that was brought to his attention.

I liked Marc’s response:

It’s quite a thing when one is so virulently accused of being “decent.” I apologize.

(Hat tip: mesquito)