Makbool Javaid, ‘Human Rights Advocate’, Calls for Al Muhajiroun Caliphate

Makbool Javaid is speaking at the Bar Conference this Saturday. He is billed as a “human rights advocate”.

However, Makbool Javaid doesn’t support human rights at all. Neither does he support democracy. He opposes them. In fact, he complains that Muslims have had secularism and “man made law” imposed on them. Secularism, he describes as a “disease”.

Here he is, on an Al Muhajiroun platform, calling for the re-creation of a Caliphate, and the subjection of Muslims to Sharia law.

You will note that Makbool Javaid uses the racist term, “Kuffar”, to refer to non-Muslims.

If you can stomach that, there’s more. Here is Makbool Javaid at another Al Muhajiroun event: the Rally for Islam. You’ll see that he is standing on a platform with his friend, Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Al Muhajiroun is now banned, and Omar Bakri Mohammed has been prevented from returning to the United Kingdom.

If you are attending the Bar Conference this Saturday, Makbool Javaid will be speaking on the subject of “Religion and Belief – What is it all about?”. He is billed as a Human Rights Advocate.

If you’re attending, be sure to ask him why a Human Rights Advocate supports the imposition of a theocratic Caliphate upon Muslims.