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Roland Rance Exposed!

This is a guest post by Mikey

On Sunday October 12, 2008 I attended a debate in London between Moshe Machover and Sean Matgamna ostensibly on the subject “Israel, the Palestinians, and Iran” but in reality mainly about the attitude of the left to Zionism and Israel.

In his contribution from the floor, Roland Rance of Jews Against Zionism stated, “We are told that we call for the destruction of Israel…. We are told all sorts of positions that we don’t hold.” He went on to say: “No, we are not saying ‘Smash Israel’ or ‘Destroy Israel.’”

Oh, really? In a letter to Weekly Worker No. 634, July 20, 2006, Roland Rance’s comrade Tony Greenstein stated, “Yes, I want the state of Israel to be destroyed.”