Going nowhere

Well, we’ve missed you. This website was taken offline as a result of a complaint to Daily.co.uk, our former DNS provider, falsely stating that we had ‘slandered’ Jenna Delich. We have not slandered her. Jenna Delich circulated a link from the website of an infamous neo Nazi, to nearly 600 academics. The page in question contains clearly racist material on ’Jewish supremacism’, ’heritage’ and links to articles such as ’Is Russia the key to white survival?’ The article she recommended was written by another far right conspiracy nut, Joe Quinn, and contains the following:

“Yet the Israeli government does a very good job of convincing the whole world that it is the victim in the conflict. How can this be? Israeli control of the press? Could that ubiquitous “conspiracy theory” actually be closer to a conspiracy fact?”

The article concludes:

“To the Israeli oligarchs, the death of Palestinian civilians is “superb”, and they feel nothing when they kill women and children. What more can I say – either someone does something about these sick pyschopaths, or they, and their kind in Washington and around the world, will destroy us all. “ (my emphasis)

To those who state that all Delich did was link to a perfectly reasonable article written by a perfectly reasonable man but just failed to notice that it was hosted on David Duke’s ‘white nationalist’ site, it is worth noting that Quinn believes Mossad carried out the Madrid bombings.

Jenna Delich linked to a far right website, run by a neo Nazi, and recommended racist conspiracism to UCU’s membership. She has now been suspended from the UCU activists list.As you can see, attempts to censor us have failed. We refuse to be cowed by this sort of bullying.We owe thanks to the many many people who have rallied round to support us.

First, to Positive Internet who are now taking care of the DNS magic for us. They’re a robust sort of company, formed to stand up to these threats. Secondly, to Index on Censorship, who brought our plight to international attention.

Finally, huge thanks to all the bloggers who stood by us – there really are too many to mention but particularly pleasing was the support from Andy Newman of Socialist Unity who showed true solidarity. Andy’s politics couldn’t be more wrong but he is on the part of the Left that understands that  a line must be drawn.On this issue, and in his opposition to Atzmon, his instincts are spot on.

There are others, from predictable standpoints, who refuse to acknowledge the real problem of the rise of anti-Semitism in the so-called ‘Palestinian solidarity movement’ and others who are, due to their political sectarianism, unable to see the problem in internet companies pulling blogs offline due to someone claiming ‘a libel’ (or ‘potential libel‘).

Let’s be clear – the issue here is not Delich. Rather, it is the blending of the perspectives of the neo Nazis, the Islamists, and the far Left. Even if we accept Delich made a ‘mistake’, it would be one which simply could not have happened, were is not for the poisonous rhetoric, and vicious racism thathas characterised the debate over Israel/Palestine. It would have been impossible without the coalescence, over the past decade, of the coalitions which have constituted both RESPECT and the STWC. What, after all, is the fundamental difference between linking to neo Nazis and carrying a placard bearing the slogan ‘We Are All Hezbollah Now”?

 Left groups have embraced Islamist fascists, who draw many of their arguments from White Supremacists. White neo Nazis may not yet be part of the coalitions established by the Left, but their arguments have filtered through into mainstream “progressive” thinking.

As we’ve argued before, there’s a fight on here, for the spirit of the Left.

 We are going nowhere.