McCain out-of-touch watch

OK, it’s time to start making a list:

• John McCain is unsure how many homes he and his wife own.

• McCain suggested that only people making $5 million or more a year should be considered “rich.” (Does that make someone earning a mere $3 million middle-class by his standards?) In fact in 2006, less than two percent of the households in the US earned more than $250,000. Oh, and when a multi-millionaire like McCain starts offering homilies to the rest of us about how unhappy rich people aren’t truly rich, I get on my guard.

• McCain suggested that foreign workers are needed to pick lettuce in Arizona because enough Americans would be unwilling to do it even for $50 an hour. I have no doubt that picking lettuce in the hot Arizona sun is miserable, backbreaking work. But I can guarantee McCain that if growers offered $50 an hour for the work (compared to the $8.50 base they currently pay), there would be no shortage of Americans willing to do it.

And Obama is the elitist?