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Seumlass Milne on the Caucasus Causes

A few days ago I postedabout the reaction to the Russian invasion of Georgia on Indymedia. At the time, I thought the whole “Israel and/or America is behind it” was typical loony-conspiracy fair.

Soon it transpired that this was indeed the fat-Left ‘analysis’ and before long other voices from these quarters had weighed in. And now – almost directed by some cosmic choreographer – Seamus Milne has declared in The Guardian: “This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression“.

O…kay then. I sometimes think it’s hilarious they way one can dream up the most ludicrous and extreme explanation for world events – so outlandish that one worries it’s too much even for satire… even of the spotty Che-wannabees at Indymedia – but seemingly without fail, Milne and his ilk at CiF are spouting it with a straight face.

Funny or scary?