“The convicted Iraqi-British fraudster Nadhmi Auchi”

Who is “the convicted Iraqi-British fraudster Nadhmi Auchi”?

To be frank, I don’t know. However, this what he is up to, according to Martin Bright:

More worrying was the news that the Guardian/Observer has been forced to pull down six articles about Nadhmi Auchi, the Iraqi businessman convicted of fraud in France in 2003. [Mr Auchi’s lawyers, Carter Ruck have asked us to state that he is challenging the fairness of the trial in the European Court.] Auchi has been on the warpath since his name was connected with Tony Rezko, the Illinois fundraiser currently on trial in America, who was one of Barack Obama’s earliest backers. In the UK, The Times has been pursuing the story with impressive tenacity.

The articles are still available in various places on the web but it’s probably wise not to link to them from here! [Carter Ruck acting for Mr Auchi have written to ask us to remove the names of the articles concerned.]

I have no idea what these articles say, or where they are. Even if I did discover more about the convicted Iraqi-British fraudster Nadhmi Auchi (other than the fact that he is a convicted Iraqi-British fraudster, that is), or what he is alleged to have been up to, it would be dangerous for me to say anything about him. He sues.

However, if you’re interested in the way that the convicted Iraqi-British fraudster Nadhmi Auchi uses the law of defamation, you may want to look into this story.