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Claire 4 Boris

The senior Revolutionary Communist Party activist, Claire Fox, is very upset on Boris’ behalf, about some Facebook groups:

Have you joined the ‘Boris: Not in my name’ Facebook group yet?

What about ‘There’s a special place in hell for you if you voted for Boris Johnson’ group? Or, my personal favourite, dripping with contempt for anyone who voted against the preference of London’s liberal intelligentsia, ‘Find the tossers who protest voted and helped Boris get in. They should never be trusted with ballot papers again!’

There’s nothing like an election to bring anti-democratic trends to the fore, especially when the chattering classes decide the wrong guy got in.

Local government needs to be wary of this new trend – that is, concluding that if the people don’t vote the correct way, there’s something wrong with the voters.

Claire is at pains to tell us that she didn’t vote for him. Apparently, she’s really upset by “his ludicrous, unworkable and authoritarian ban on drinking alcohol on the Tube”: the issue which really puts Boris Johnson beyond the pale for the RCP.

But the existence of Facebook groups which rail against Boris Johnson are, in the view of the RCP, an utter desecration of the principle of democracy. They aren’t just ‘a little bit silly’. They’re far more sinister than that. Apparently, they show that we are very close to living in a totalitarian state:

And before bien pensants start lecturing Burma, Zimbabwe or China about their lack of democracy, check out Facebook as a salutary reminder that such attitudes are worryingly alive much closer to home

You can always trust the RCP to put these things in perspective.


We missed a trick! Our friendly neighbourhood RCP GP, Dr Michael Fitzpatrick came out for Boris back in March!

(Hat tip: the pretend CPGB via Michael P in the comments)