Welcome to the Rumour Mill

Conservative Home were the first to call the London Mayoral elections for Boris: one minute before the polls closed.

Paddy Power has paid out on Boris bets.

Danny Finkelstein is collecting other nuggets of fools gold at The Times’ Comment Central.

Nick Lowles at Searchlight reckons that the Nazis have got about 5% of the vote: on the borderline of winning a seat. They were predicting that they’d get three!

Nationally, the BNP vote has been pretty dismal too.


More bad news for extremists:

The elections so far are not good news for MP George Galloway’s bid for the Assembly on the London-wide Party List poll.

He is lagging well behind even the BNP in City & East, Havering & Redbridge, Greenwich & Lewisham and Bexley & Bromley.