Galloway shills for Iranian gallows

It’s nothing new that members of the SWP, Respect (all flavours) and the StWC make outrageous claims about the benign nature of the Iranian regime when it comes to sexual minorities.

But now George Galloway has sunk as low as it its about to get. He claimed that Mehdi Kazemi‘s boyfriend was executed for “committing sex crimes against young men”.

Not even the Iranian regime has made this claim – yet!

Or, if you can’t stand the sight of him, here’s the transcript:

GG: The Independent has a story about Peers calling upon the Home Secretary to halt the deportation of a gay Iranian. In part this is being used as part of the on-going propaganda against Iran. All the papers seem to imply that you get executed in Iran for being gay. That’s not true.

MW: His boyfriend was hung though, wasn’t he?

GG: Yes, but nor being gay. For uh, committing sex crimes, uh, against young men.

MW: Right…

GG: I mean, I’m against execution for any reason in any place, but it is important to avoid that propaganda.

MW: So you’re saying that his guy they want to deport should be deported because there is no risk of his sexuality.. or he shouldn’t be deported because there is at risk?

GG: He should not be deported not least because after all this Iranian propaganda he will be accused of being the source, or one of the sources. It would be ridiculous to deport him, and I don’t think he will be deported now.

So. a gay asylum seeker is just a tool of anti-Iranian propaganda, and his late partner was a sex-abuser. Nice, Mr Galloway… now will you produce the evidence?


Diane Abbott MP has introduced an early day motion – EDM 1180 – which notes “the Home Office view that Iran is safe for homosexuals as long as they hide their sexuality is contrary to human rights standards on sexual freedom” and calls for a review of the case. For those outside of Bethnal Green & Bow, please ask your MP to sign it.


The European Parliament has now got involved.


This just in: “Action to defend Mehdi Kazemi March 22nd On Saturday March 22nd at 2pm.

Middle East Workers’ Solidarity and NUS LGBT will be staging a protest
opposite Downing Street in defence of Mehdi Kazemi, a gay Iranian asylum
seeker who the British government plans to send back to Iran on the grounds
that if gay Iranians are “discreet about their sexuality”, they will not get
in trouble.” More info here…


“Gay Iranian granted asylum reprieve” according to Reuters.