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George Galloway Quits RESPECT

According to the BBC:

George Galloway has said he is “distancing himself” from anti-war party Respect and creating a separate standalone organisation instead.
He promised the group would gather a “broad coalition” of left-wingers who would promote “Old Labour values”.

Respect had already seen a split in its ranks, holding two separate party conferences on one day last November.

Mr Galloway, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, says he plans to run for both the London Assembly and for Parliament.

As well as representing his new party in the assembly elections on 1 May, Mr Galloway still plans to challenge Transport Minister Jim Fitzpatrick in his Poplar and Limehouse seat.

Which RESPECT has he quit?

Is this simply an announcement that he’s leaving the SWP-RESPECT to the SWP, and taking his soon-to-be-renamed RESPECT-Renewal project with him.

Or is he splitting from RESPECT-Renewal and going it alone?

What is happening here?

Nothing on his website.

Nothing on Socialist Unity

Nothing on RESPECT-Renewal.