UK Politics

No respect

The East London Advertiser reports:

A member of MP George Galloway’s Respect party has quit his seat on Tower Hamlets council… with a savage attack on his “bickering, immature and self-serving” former colleagues.

Disenchanted Shamim Chowdhury resigned as a councillor in the Shadwell ward on Friday (June 29).

His decision stunned party colleagues who only learned of the move when contacted by the East London Advertiser.
“The Respect leadership has failed to capitalise on Labour’s failure and are busy serving themselves,” he said.

“It was formed mostly by militants kicked out of the Labour party in the various phases of its reform agenda.

“It is those militant extreme Left groups now controlling the Respect coalition.”

The party had no vision to improve the lives of East End families, he insists, no ability to solve the housing crisis and no policy for youth.

“The leadership has taken a course to oppose all that is proposed by others without giving a thought to the merits,” he added.

“This mindless opposition is damaging to the prosperity of our community.

“The leadership is immature, inexperienced and has a militant tendency in its attitude.

“Internal bickering is ongoing, displaying little respect to party colleagues.

“A party that cannot unite in policy and struggles to keep its house in order has little prospect of leading the council at any time.”