Do Something!

Mobilise Against the BNP

In six days time there will be local and regional elections across the UK and as Brett pointed out a week ago, every vote not cast helps the BNP.

In addition to going out to vote, London-based Harry’s Placers with a few hours to spare on Sunday can help out in another way. Jon Benjamin writes:

The BNP currently has around 50 councillors and is standing over 800 candidates in local and regional elections on 3 May

On 29 April in London, we are organising a day to mobilise voters to reject the far-right BNP. If you can give as little as two hours to help, please call 0208 457 3681 or 07870 650 230. Please encourage as many people as possible to join you.

If there are elections taking place in your area then please make sure you vote on 3rd May and encourage others to do likewise.

Thank you for your time.

Jon Benjamin

Chief Executive , Board of Deputies

You can download the flyer here.

On the same day, Searchlight is organising what it describes as a final push against the BNP in Epping and Waltham Abbey:

Meet Sunday 29 April, between 10 and 11am (no later), at Epping station (Central line).

Come and help for the final push against the BNP in two wards in Epping and two in Waltham Abbey.

In Epping we are also campaigning against the former chair of the National Front, who is standing for Epping Forest District Council and Epping Town Council under the guise of Epping Community Action Group. This week the London Evening Standard and the local Epping paper ran exposés on him.

The BNP already has six councillors on Epping Forest District Council and has been campaigning vigorously to increase the number.

We shall be distributing the national Hope no Hate leaflet, and in Epping an open letter to voters exposing Ian Anderson’s past and present as well.

For further information please phone 020 8550 1805.

Links or information regarding other anti-BNP activism are more than welcome in the comments.