Who is Eric Walberg?

I recently posted about the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram’s account of the Cairo Conference which brought together elements of the “anti-imperialist” Left (including the UK’s Socialist Workers Party) and the Islamist Right, including Hamas and Hezbollah.

The rather enthusiastic account was written by one Eric Walberg and linked to approvingly by the Stop the War Coalition website.

Now Canadian author Terry Glavin has researched Eric Walberg and turned up some highly revealing facts.

(Via Will at DSTPFW.)

Update: Let’s see how long the link to Walberg’s atricle stays on the Stop the War Coalition’s website. If they had linked to an article by, say, David Duke writing under an assumed name, they’d remove it once it was pointed out to them– wouldn’t they? It could happen, after all– the views and behavior of Duke and the STWC’s leading spokesman are not always easy to distinguish.