US “Christian leaders” meet Ahmadinejad

Watching this MEMRI video of craven, oh-so-respectful US “Christian leaders” meeting President Ahmadinejad in February, I’m reminded of the delegations of Quakers and other “peace activists” who used to visit the Soviet Union, hold meaningless meetings with government officials and approved Russian “peace activists,” fail to ask impolite questions about democracy, human rights and antisemitism, and return home having accomplished absolutely nothing towards genuine peace.

It’s too bad they didn’t stay in Iran for another month, so they could have watched this amusing “comedy” on state TV.

Update: On a related matter: although US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did raise the matter of Syrian ties to Hamas and Hezbollah during her controversial meeting with President Assad, The Lebanon Daily Star rightly takes her to task for failing to press Assad on improving human rights.