Israel takes on England (in football)

You can do your bit to stick it in the ear of Ismail Patel and like-minded folks by watching and commenting on the Israel-England football match.

Unfortunately I can’t get it on TV here in the States.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

A special delegation of English Football Association members and English fans visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum on Friday, ahead of Saturday’s Euro 2008 qualifying match in Tel Aviv. The visit was organized by the Maccabi Association of Great Britain.

Before the memorial ceremony at the end of the visit, English FA Chairman Noel White said that such a visit made people understand that they could not allow racism and hate to develop.

“Football can play a part in helping to break down barriers and to eliminate racism,” added White.

On Friday, hundreds of England and Israel fans flocked to a “happening” in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park.

The event took a while to fill, since initially most of the England fans preferred to remain on the beach and in the bars they had graced with their presence since Thursday.

“[G]raced with their presence”? I like that.

Update: Graham links to this report and video about the visiting England fans on the website of the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot.