Rat rules!

From Stephen Patsis’s excellent comic strip “Pearls Before Swine”:

pearls before swine.gif

On a related subject, here is Peter Carlson in The Washington Post, writing about Celeb Staff magazine (which actually seems to exist):

“Running a mansion needs many pairs of hands,” the magazine proclaims, and then it proceeds to list the folks attached to those hands — estate manager, house manager, personal assistant, chef, chauffeur, nanny, housekeeper, houseman, butler, baby nurse, lady’s maid and so on.
Celeb Staff provides some helpful hints on how to treat your servants. For instance, “never let employees get so comfortable that they ask special requests, like extra time off.” Also, try to hire people who have a “Service Heart,” which is “the ability to suppress personal ego, while maintaining a low profile that never detracts from the owner.”
Celeb Staff has been publishing for just a little over a year and already it has achieved a great feat: It’s the best advertisement for raising taxes on the rich that you’ll find on any newsstand anywhere.