STOP PRESS : Reports of Baudrillard’s death greatly exaggerated

This is a guest post by Mettaculture

Despite our criticisms of Jean Baudrillard and his theory of Hypereality. It seems he was always conspiring to have the last laugh from an act of Hypersurreality.

A shocking and disturbing event is all over the internet and the US mainstream media.


Captain America’s final moments.

NEW YORK — One of America’s most patriotic superheroes has died.
Marvel Entertainment killed off its oldest character, Captain America, in a comic book that hits stands Wednesday. In “Captain America No. 25,” the former World War II soldier is gunned down on the steps of a courthouse by a sniper’s bullet, a victim of a war on terror.

We’ve had deaths in the Universe, but with Cap being our oldest character, it gives it a little more resonance,Dan Buckley, the president and publisher of Marvel Entertainment’s publishing group, told

The decision has already angered the character’s creator, Joe Simon, who told the New York Daily News that the death comes at a time when “we really need him now.” Captain America’s death “doesn’t mean patriotism is dead,” Buckley said, explaining that while the man in the costume died in this latest story, the ideals of Captain America did not.

His death has come none too soon for some Commentators however;
In an article entitled: Captain America, Traitor? ” The comic-book hero goes anti-American.”

Michael Medved points out a shocking lack of moral fibre amongst some 21st century superheroes:

As if Defense Department officials didn’t face enough challenges in and around Iraq, they must now prepare for battle without a celebrated component of past victories. Captain America, the patriotic superhero whose comic-book exploits inspired the nation in World War II, now feels uncertain about the nation’s cause; in his latest adventures, The Sentinel of Liberty seems disillusioned, embittered, and surprisingly sympathetic to terrorists.


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