In the inclement weather we’ve been experiencing for the last little bit, I’ve noticed that a lot of people of western European origin have taken to wearing the keffiyeh.

If you wear a keffiyeh, I’d be interested to know why. When did you start wearing it. Is it effective at keeping out the chill at night, or the dust of the hot road?

Any other theories welcome.

Here is Wikipedia’s take on the anthropology of the garment.

Here’s another argument on jim hancott’s blog – I don’t regard it as authoritative.

And here’s a saner explanation of the origins of the fashion

Finally, here’s another one, about the way they’re marketed. And how complaints from community organisations got them removed from one store.


Bissli, in the comments, points to the Israeli Keffiyeh, which can be purchased here.

Mettaculture points to some designer hijabs which may be purchased here

There isn’t much of a fashion for the wearing of hijabs by non-muslims. Still, it could take off…