So sue me, “Dr” Gillian McKeith

When I was about 13, I made some “pills” out of flour, water, and red food colouring.

I told my friends that they were an aphrodisiac, called “Buckram Geish”, which I claimed to have acquired from a mate who had been to Hong Kong on holiday.

“You’ve heard of Spanish Fly? Well this is 20 times more powerful”, I informed them.

I gave some away to some boys in the B-stream. They came back with – almost certainly invented – tales of sexual gymnastics with their – also almost certainly invented – girlfriends.

These stories produced all the marketing I needed to sell about 20 of these little “pills”. Suprisingly few people complained.

Anyhow, I am actually frightened of being sued by the absurdly litigious “Dr” Gillian McKeith.

Therefore, I am merely linking to this Guardian article about her.


Scott at the Ablution uncovers professional faerie communers, and crystal therapy quacks, uncritically promoted by the NHS.