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Respect Supporter’s Cash Seized

The Sunday Times reports that a London based Islamist has been accused by the US and UK governments as an important financier for Al-Qaeda:

Mohammed al-Ghabra, whose bank accounts have been frozen by the Bank of England last week denied any involvement in terrorism. He admitted he had “radical views” and said he was an active supporter of Respect, the anti-war party led by George Galloway, the maverick former Labour MP.

Al-Ghabra said he had attended several Respect meetings because he supported its views on Iraq and other issues. He claimed to have nominated some of its election candidates.

What does Respect say?

The party said records were no longer available to confirm this.

How convenient.

The lack of records hasn’t stopped the party from quickly distancing itself from the alleged money man:

A spokesman for Respect said: “He is not a member and we don’t know him.”

Watch this space for future developments.