‘Swarthies’ Funded, Yasmin Unhappy

Reactionary Pete alerts us to a change of heart at the Independent.

Until recently you had to pay to read the views of that newspaper’s columnists online – now they’re available to all for nowt.

Welcome to the 21st Century Robert Fisk and Yasmin Albhai-Brown.

The latter commentator celebrates this lurch into the new millenium by asserting that Tony Blair’s recent decision to increase aid to Pakistan is merely a fiendish cover for Nineteenth Century style imperialism:

He is doubling the aid to the country and instructs them to use the money to infuse “enlightened moderation” through the land and see to it that propagandist religious madrasas are replaced with good, state education.

Free secular education for poor children in an impoverished country? You’d think that might be something to cheer, but Yasmin isn’t convinced:

Pacing and swearing, I mutter: there they go again, dictating to the non-Western world as if they own it by right…our leaders presume that swarthies will do their bidding because they are easily bought and frightened into submission.

Unsupported assertions, psychological projection, the resurrection of words no-one in the real word has used since 1920, and a free admission that she feels full-blown rage when British aid to an ex-colony is increased.

I shall be checking out the Independent on a daily basis from now on.