“Not that this is a Jewish website, you understand”

A couple of days ago, I was asked to take part in a “podcast” sponsored by the Jewish Chronicle, and organised by the Jewish Community Centre.

There’s a report on a dating service, a spot with the comedian, Jamie Glassman, a review of the new Borat movie with Observer film critic Jason Solomons, who also discusses the UK Jewish Film Festival, and a panel discussion featuring me, sports journalist Jonny Gould, and Daniella Peled from the Jewish Chronicle.

You can hear me, and my strangely posh voice, here. The direct link to the MP3 is here.

There’s going to be one of these newfangled podcast things a month. To subscribe to the show, via iTunes, and get the latest episode on your iPod automatically as it comes out, go to the ADVANCED>SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST menu in iTunes and paste in the link below:

Enjoy, and pass in on to all your friends!