Time to listen to infidels

Just a thought but isn’t it about time we infidels had our own organisation? I mean, we keep getting criticised all the time, blamed for stuff, even things going back thousands of years, but we never get asked our opinion by the media nor do we have a right to reply when those videos come out on certain tv stations or radical websites having a go at us.

The general public don’t even know whether we are offended about anything because we don’t take to the streets in protest at Infidelphobia and above all we miss out on the nice tea and cakes at various multi-faith forums and government consultation bodies.

It would be quite easy to change this. We could start in the UK with the British Infidel Council and put out press statements and get on the Today Programme.

A spokesman for the British Infidel Council said large numbers of infidels felt alienated from the debate about reason and religion.

“This is a debate that we have once again been excluded from and infidels, especially younger infidels who lack the respect of their parents, are feeling increasingly alienated,” said the spokesman.

It always seems to be the Zionists who grab all the attention but we could be a broad church, erm, I mean reflect a plurality of diverse infidel opinions. Atheists, Anti-theists, Humanists, Apostates, Secularists, Agnostics, Pagans, Socialists, Kafir, Shamanists, Hedonists and Heretics – a rich tapestry of infidelism reflecting our deep and complex history which is so often misunderstood if not delibarately and wilfully misinterpreted.

And if any of us get carried away and do something silly we can blame a radicalised, heathen minority. Well, not blame really, we can condemn their tactics but blame those who have failed to listen to their cries for attention.

Come on, don’t be shy, the Foreign Office might even give us some money.