No. 4

Iain “Essex Boy” Dale has published his list of Top 100 Labour Blogs: an extract from his forthcoming “Guide to Political Blogging”.

Iain says:

I want to emphasise right from the beginning that this Top 100 and the rankings are my opinion and obviously opinions are subjective. But the list should at least generate a debate. I marked each blog out of ten on the following 10 areas: design; frequency of posting; writing ability; personality; comment; humour; range; interaction; popularity; independence of thought. This generated a mark out of 100.

“All a bit of fun”, as Peter Snow used to say.

We’re at number 4, with Dave’s Part at 8 and Norm at 12. Pootergeek and Paul Anderson trail at 50 and 57 with poor old Black Triangle at 72. The number 1 spot is occupied by Kerron Cross: who – I have to confess – I don’t know.

I wouldn’t say that we were a Labour blog. I mean, I do like the Labour Party, but I’m sure not all of us vote Labour.

Update: Benji points out that Ms Bance has the list in html form.