Hezbollah’s child soldiers

Deep in the comments of a previous thread, I posted a link to a MEMRI translation and reproduction of an Egyptian newspaper report on the child soldiers of Hezbollah.

Commenter mettaculture wrote:

I really think you should post on it (notwithstanding the inevitable ‘and what about Baden Powell?’ from the armchair relativists).

I once had a gun pointed at me by a child guard of a drug lord in a favela in Rio, its one of the least pleasant things I can think of.

Nothing is quite so sapping of hope for a better future than the sight of child militias.

George Galloway’s apologists need to be reminded that– when he glorifies Hezbollah without reservation or qualification– this is what he is glorifying.

hezbollah child soldiers.jpg

There is, of course, historical precedence for this sort of thing.


But no– even with its many flaws and its sometimes indefensible actions, there’s nothing like this in Israel.