Dress Down Friday

The real Blair Backlash begins here!

All I am saying is that here is something you won’t found linked to elsewhere – a video-clip about Blair that wasn’t produced by Tim Vote Tory Bloggerhead but does feature his mate Tom Watson MP.

Link here.

And via Tom’s Mate Tim Vote Tory Bloggerhead, here is Keeping the Faith – a new pro-Blair website.

And here is Denis McShane in the Telegraph:

It will be much worse if this week moves from an exception to a habit. Blair is going and will soon be gone. Labour has to continue and be successful. And although I sometimes feel I owe nothing to a Prime Minister who fired me in a 20-second mobile phone conversation from the Foreign Office, whose work I loved, my 36 years as a Labour Party member tells me that Blair is the best prime minister we have had in my adult life.

He has my loyalty now precisely because I give it freely, with nothing in return except the prayer that my party can recover its sanity before it’s too late. His successor will have that loyalty as well. And if Mr Blair wants to come and canvass for me in Rotherham in 2009 or 2010, I expect he will get a warmer welcome than today’s headlines suggest, from a Britain about which Notting Hill knows nothing.