Dress Down Friday

I’ll have a packet of those

Now scientists may have come up with the first pharmaceutical means of tackling premature ejaculation — using a class of drug usually associated with treating depression.

In trials involving 2,600 men, researchers in the US have shown that a new drug could prolong sexual intercourse by more than three times the duration previously experienced.

Great, but why would I want to have sex for 6 hours straight?

A 30mg dose produced 2.78 minutes and a 60mg dose 3.32 minutes [of intercourse time]. While hardly Don Juan standard, this was a significant result, marred only by some side-effects. Nausea, diarrhoea, headache and dizziness were reported.

I can see at least one of those being something of a passion-killer.

So we’ve got Viagra to get it up, this new pill to keep us going and surgery we can undergo beforehand that ensures our partner notices something is actually happening. Then there’s the fertility drugs for the kind of intercourse we have to produce babies and soon, no doubt, further treatments that will guarantee sex, hair-colour and, hopefully, musical preference.

Remember kids – don’t do drugs.

Sex to me is like going on holiday. The idea of it is far more attractive than actually doing it. And I like to travel alone.

Nevertheless, if one of these scientists can just invent something that delivers post-coital cuddles, I might start doing it more often than the Labour Party changes its leader.

Talking of pricks:


UPDATE: For some strange reason, I’ve started thinking about Mary Ann Sieghart. She’s well worth a read today.