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Another Old White Male Says A Stupid Thing

There seems to have been a veritable epidemic of blokes saying astonishing things. Ken Livingstone’s crassness-du-jour is dwarfed the latest piece of cretinry from Chomsky-acolyte and self-publicist, Professor Norman Finkelstein.

Last month, Professor Norman Finkelstein opined on his website on the subject of his affinity with Hezbollah:

“I say this without fear: for those who believe in freedom and dignity, We are all Hezbollah now. “

As Harold Evans argued on CiF, that is a pretty obnoxious view to hold.

Surely those who seek to identify themselves with Hezbollah don’t really mean it?

A reader forwards to me an email exchange with Professor Finkelstein in which he is directed to the following film on YouTube, featuring Nasrallah leading a crowd in the traditional chant of “Death to America”. The correspondent sarcastically describes Nasrallah and co as Finkelstein’s “pals”.

Finkelstein responds as follows:

Thank you for this. It was inspiring. Nasrallah is an excellent speaker. Quite intelligent, honest, modest: Israelis (and Jews) can learn something from him.