Ah Telt Ye…

I recently predicted that the Scottish Socialist Party would begin to implode sometime after the first trial – at which ex-Party Convenor Tommy Sheridan accused a dozen of his erstwhile comrades of telling tall tales under oath – and before the date of the inevitable Appeal hearing which many expect will overturn the decision at first instance.

Comrade Sheridan now provides the evidence for the existence of that process:

He told Socialist Worker that the SSP had been a fantastic development over its seven years, but that “it has become narrow and sectarian in outlook with a vicious streak of personal character assassination which we must leave behind.

“There is still a world to win and I hope the 3 September meeting will see the launch of something bigger, bolder and better than the SSP.

“I hope it will be a positive, outward looking meeting which decides to link up with all of the progressive movements in Scotland to build to a genuinely mass movement for socialism that is open to all who are moving in that direction.”

One could be forgiven for reading between the lines and idly speculating what tune Tommy is whistling these days.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T find out what it means for me…