Galloway plugs Harry’s Place

Has Harry’s Place finally got under George Galloway’s skin?

Only last year, fresh from his electoral victory in Bethnal Green and Bow, Galloway reportedly claimed he had never heard of Harry’s Place.

Now reader migsuk writes:

Whilst cooking my Sunday Roast, I decided to listen to the nation’s favourite demagogue Mr. George Galloway on Talk Sport. The format of the show has listeners ring in to question George (in the few moments he doesn’t cut their mics off) on “topical issues” (mostly revolving around the Middle East).

After the typical troupe of SWP nutcases broadcasted their pet theories on why the Jews were to blame for 9/11, one caller, a chap called Richard, was allowed to question whether Britain’s foreign policy was to blame for current terror plots. Richard made his case admirably to which George blasted, “Ah, Richard you sound like one of these Euston Manifesto men, one of the readers of Harry’s Place! The sort of men who hang around in dingy pubs in Euston arguing amongst themselves.” George then expounded his point that whilst the readers of Harry’s Place and the signers of the Euston Manifesto backed George Bush who refused to condemn human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, he was one of the first to condemn human rights abuses in Iran and went on to describe a litany of terrors that he was opposed to as a socialist. Needless to say Richard was not allowed back into the conversation to interrupt the elected member’s tirade– perhaps he would have mentioned Mr. Galloway’s friendship with certain dictators who did not have perfect human rights records?

I would recommend that Harry’s Place readers ring in next weekend, his show broadcasts on Saturday and Sunday 8 – 10 pm to set the record straight.

Shiraz Socialist heard the same program and reported that Galloway “kept name-checking Harry’s Place.”

So while we are routinely assured by Galloway’s apologists that Harry’s Place has spent the past year (at least) sinking into sad irrelevance and terminal decline, the Man Himself seems to have gone from ignorance of our existence to a bit of an, er, obsession.

And yes, of course I plead guilty to a bit of an “obsession” (if that’s what you want to call it) with Galloway myself. That’s because I consider him a blot on the Left, a supporter of dictators and fascists who, unfortunately, is not at all irrelevant.

I second migsuk’s recommendation for a flurry of calls to Galloway’s show next weekend from people identifying themselves as Harry’s Place readers. I won’t say it will push him over the edge, because he dropped off the edge long ago, but it could produce some amusing results.