The Desperation Factor


David Cameron has announced that the next Conservative runner-up in the London Mayoral election will be chosen by telephone or text message.

Cameron, insightfully described by as: “a kind of foppish Simon Cowell on a push bike” wants to tackle people’s disillusion with politics (that’s New Toryspeak for “We know that we can’t beat Ken Livingstone so anything has got to be worth a try.”)

Somewhere in London, there’s a mayor in the making. If it’s you, please consider applying today,” Mr Cameron pleaded hopefully.

Anybody can stand as long as they are a party member at the time they apply, and any Londoner can vote to end the chosen candidate’s political career in the most humiliating way possible.

Hmmmm. Is Dame Shirley Porter still a member I wonder? Or didn’t I hear that they had let Archer back in?

Meanwhile in a much more important election (which he actually has a chance of winning) our old friend Dr Francis Sedgemore should be given your full support today at Comment is Free

David T adds:

I’d love to vote for Francis, but I’m not quite sure what I have to do. Do I just need to post on his CiF thread? Is that a vote?