Missing Yearly Kos

I keep meaning to become a regular reader of — the leading blog of the US antiwar Left– but it’s a little like eating spinach. I know it’s full of important ingredients (information about Democratic politics and the like), but I just don’t like the damn taste.

So I wasn’t among the masses of bloggers, politicians and Kosheads who gathered in Las Vegas for the the Yearly Kos convention.

Probably just as well, because:

1. I didn’t crack a smile during this heavy-handed attempt at humor on the Yearly Kos website, even though I probably agree with most of the points it’s trying to make (it’s hard to be sure).

2. Despite Kos and company’s efforts to defeat Senator Joe Lieberman in the August Democratic primary in Connecticut (they are supporting an antiwar challenger named Ned Lamont), I’m hoping Lieberman wins. Besides agreeing with Lieberman on the liberation of Iraq, I appreciate his overwhelmingly pro-labor voting record (84 percent right, according to the AFL-CIO). On the other hand, I think he should have been more outspoken about the Bush administration’s failures in post-invasion Iraq. But that’s not enough to make me want him to lose.

Anyway, I enjoyed this on-the-scene report from Yearly Kos by the reliably snarky Ana Marie Cox, formerly of Wonkette, now of Time magazine.

The bulletin arrives halfway into the panel on progressive candidates, an email missive I read over the shoulder of the guy in front of me: “I saw Markos and Atrios wandering around looking for food.” As the men behind the nation’s two most influential liberal blogs — and — Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Duncan Black draw interested stares, small crowds and quiet, admiring gossip from the bloggers, lurkers and activists gathered here at the Riviera. They are the Brangelina of Yearly Kos…